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Baoji vegetables firm opened door hung a number of government departments to congratulate banners (v zhongguorentiyishu

Posted on November 16, 2017 by hanson

Baoji vegetables firm opened door hung a number of government departments on banner Baoji: vegetables firm high-profile door opened a number of government departments on banners western network (Shaanxi radio and television news) the afternoon of September 20th, the Baoji city administrative center near a vegetable firm celebration opened the shop in addition to celebrate the shooting, also put in front of the store with the city committee, Public Security Bureau, a traffic police team, bureau of agriculture, bureau of Commerce and other departments on banners. The reporter saw in the east of the administrative center of Baoji City, three di District, the name of the Cong vegetables firm shop has just opened the door, filled with flowers and balloons, balloons floating on banners more than and 10, look carefully, congratulate the unit also are backing is not small, many of them is the CPPCC, the Public Security Bureau, traffic police team, vehicle, agriculture and Commerce Bureau and other government departments. The firm stopped at the gate of the delivery vehicle, with the provincial government formulated for food ". Then reporters into the shop to ask. Reporter: how many units do you open congratulations?" Cong vegetables firm boss: "I am a CPPCC member." Reporter: "you this unit has come?" Cong vegetables firm boss: "unit are some leaders come to put a gun on the ceremony went away." Reporter: "the Taiwan Branch is headed?" Cong vegetables firm boss: Yang Dongkuan." Cong vegetables firm boss: "the Secretary?" Cong vegetables firm boss: "Oh, this is my worship the godfather." Then the reporter in accordance with the banners of the unit, call the Baoji city traffic police detachment, Jintai in Baoji City Public Security Bureau, Baoji city vehicle administration and other departments, the relevant staff said no came on too. Baoji city vehicle administration official: "this is not possible, Hu could not get it, things I didn’t get it." Just when reporters ready to leave, the owner of the vegetable business came to explain with reporters. Cong vegetables firm boss: "people always say led me, saying how this reporter, this is actually not what, this is my family to supply the kitchen, they gave me this is normal, we are cooperative relationship." Reporter: do you hang this door is sent to you?" Cong vegetables firm boss: "I do, people who send me this?" (Western Network – Shaanxi News Network)相关的主题文章: