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B intelligence Brest 3 points lead in goals now half kkxxse.com

Posted on November 16, 2017 by hanson

B: intelligence Brest 3 points lead in goals now half of Monday’s 012         B     VS     Brest Langsi;   2016-11-01; 03:30         Venue: Brest, Francis – Le BRET stadium weather: sunny, 15 the recent Brest round: degrees on the fort in the road 1 to 0 victory over the bottom of the rankings laval. Joseph Monros played eighty-eighth minutes for the team scored the winning goal and personal goal number increased to 3. This victory gives Brest points rose to 25 points, and second within Amiens to 3 points. Brest’s attack occurred in the second half, and seventy-five minutes later the number of goals reached 58% of the total number of goals to the team, is a team behind love. But in fact, this tactical team is very effective, let the opponent no strike back at the end of the period of opportunity. Longs: lens on a round against the enemy Lance. Home court rance ball rate reached 61%, the team is only a possession rate of more than 60% of the twelfth round. But this does not bring a victory to the lens. Lance Balde, a ball first in the second half strike, and rance’s goal was the game in eighty-fourth minutes. In the final score not only in their own home court Langsi take 1 points, sorry end. Lens is currently 18 points, ranked seventh in the standings. Match analysis: this game can be said to be the highlight of this round, leading Brest will face seventh ranked lens. The home team fiery state, the last six rounds of the game made a total of 4 wins and 2 draws, of which the home of the best of the game, scored 5 goals at home, lost 2 goals. The last two lens poor performance, but before the three game winning streak record, can not be overlooked. The last six rounds of the game scored 3 goals, lost $3. The other two teams in the home court in defeat last season the team is well-matched in strength. Both teams are doing well this season, Brest want to beat the opponent at home there are some difficulties, the field should be selected to win + Ping in order to be safe, the number of goals recommended 1,4. Lineup prediction: Brest (4-3-3): Leon, grace Ghani Oni, Charles do Hei, Below, CASS Tang, Tocio, Sulye, Pakistan, Fu, Mopei, Lavigne, Joseph – Monros rance (4-3-3): dusai, Hafez, Fortin Aganovich, Varney, Che Du Lala, library, Brie Jill, Bostock, Zubier, outelal Lopez相关的主题文章: