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August decoration industry market decline in the Internet is not the transformation of home improvem www.66bobo.com

Posted on November 19, 2017 by hanson

In August the market decline Jiezhuang decoration industry restructuring is the Internet Guangzhou daily news (reporter Lin Lin)   "in the first half of the decoration market has put at the end of last year, real estate bonus digest almost, this should be the season sales in August than in August last year fell by about 10%." Although the August national building materials Home Furnishing index (BHI) began to climb, but industry sources, almost all of the decoration companies and business platform business has declined, more Internet forecast Jiezhuang industry may be exposed in the coming year, gross profit can not support only 10% for a long time, some companies have "money burning" almost." Market participants believe that the home improvement industry to continue to develop, or to go home line. Phenomenon: the decoration industry greater pressure in the second half of the Guangdong area decoration industry off-season only during the rainy season, all belong to the season 8~12 month. However, in August of this year, the decoration industry is not a good day. The boss of a decoration company complained to reporters, from June, almost all of the customers are in the decoration company in the decline, the building materials business and the day is not easy. He disclosed that in August this year, the business is still lower than last year, lower than last year, about 10% of the year August. He also learned that the volume of business and customer advisory capacity of several well-known platforms are in decline: "originally, the second half of last year, the performance has been growing, did not expect the second half of this year and the next few months become worse, the pressure is greater." In the view of decorated Guangzhou general manager Zheng Yuanhang, the first half of the industry this year have increased, most of the decoration company in the first half of the revenue and net profit to usher in a rebound phenomenon, mainly because of the government "to stock" and other macroeconomic policies continue to promote, market and most decoration company home and public business to boost the confidence, and now the dividend has been basically digested by the market. It is understood that in 2015 the scale of China’s home improvement industry market demand reached 16600 billion yuan, of which the demand for commercial housing renovation for the renovation of the old house renovation of 19.5%, hardcover room renovation is $72.8% for the renovation of the housing market is about $7.7%. Zheng Yuanhang told reporters that the primary market has always been the "military decoration industry a hotly contested spot", but with the changes in the market, the secondary market consumption ability is stronger, so the secondary market in the future is the key to determine the success of market. At present, the second-hand building decoration business volume is reached the total business volume of 40%. However, China mentioned Building Decoration Association released the "blue book" Chinese building decoration, the housing stock market leading features more obvious, the building decoration industry dependent on the real estate market is weakening. Zheng Yuanhang also said that the impact of the real estate market on the decoration industry is not obvious. Phenomenon two: Internet home improvement has not yet solved the pain point of the market downturn, the Internet has also affected the home improvement industry in. Is a perfect home recently at a press conference in Guangzhou, said the decorated chairman Sun Wei in an interview, the current Internet industry Jiezhuang still not solve three pain points: "one is not essentially solve the owners in the decoration quality, time, price and other aspects of worries for construction;相关的主题文章: