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And the autumn a scallion pastry, Cheese Lasagna, roumo abaisse mother – Sohu-www.19ttt.com

Posted on April 18, 2018 by hanson

And the autumn a scallion pastry, Cheese Lasagna, roumo abaisse – Sohu maternal late autumn morning and what the distribution? A bowl of hot soup, or a hot oil cake ~ ~ (¯ ¯?) this morning the onion pastry breakfast, many girl have to consult, and I like so many people ~ actually two years ago wrote scallion cake today, again, another attached cheese sesame cake and meat Baked Scallion Pancake drop ~ (¯ ¯?) (¯ ¯?) (¯ ¯?) are all very nice, it must do! Today breakfast: scallion cake Cheese Lasagna meat cake sesame cake materials: flour, sesame, chives, salad oil: 1) a small amount of flour add boiling water, stir with chopsticks into small lumps, then hand kneading, and a smooth dough, cover the lid for 20 minutes. (in order to save time, suggest the night before the dough and roll the dough into the bag and chill overnight) 2) and onion chopped, salad oil, salt bowl, sesame wash drain water. 3) take appropriate size of the dough, knead the first round, and then rolling pin roll, try to roll thin. 4) the oil evenly in the patch, even cut eight knife edges inward, in turn cut patches to fold, finally folded into a eight edge type. 5) the wet sesame pressed by hand on the surface, into the electric baking pan fried cooked. 6) remove Baked Scallion Pancake, cut into small pieces, plate layers visible. 7) if you want to add egg, Baked Scallion Pancake branded good, in the electric baking pan into the egg, the egg in the Baked Scallion Pancake cover, closed two or three minutes heating electric baking pan. Note: 1) this section folding method Baked Scallion Pancake, compared with the traditional methods of edge pressing and then roll out, the sense of hierarchy is better, but do not need too much salad oil. (the traditional method without a lot of oil, when finally rolling bread will make dough folded up to multi layered effect together) 2) into the egg liquid will bake a good cake, or egg fried too long old. 3) with hot water Tangmian, making pasta taste more soft, can add 1/3 grains powder production. 4) because adding a lot of food in the autumn, with green onion, resist cold, prevent cold cold effect oh! Cheese, sesame cake materials: flour, cheese, sesame and scallion cake, cheese and onion is replaced with sesame, I use the Ma Su cheese, made the pastry creamy, delicious, and good effect of calcium Oh ~ roumo oil cake material: flour, meat, onion, salad oil and onion cake, just replace meat, onion, salt and salad oil modulation fillings. Because of the meat, so the need for a little more than a moment, a thick smell of meat will wake up early in the morning baby appetite. Attention)相关的主题文章: