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Alert the vegetarian diet six mistakes weight loss is not anti fertility care sugus

Posted on November 19, 2017 by hanson

Alert the vegetarian diet six errors beware lose weight fail there are many different ways to lose weight anti fertilization in life, and the vegetarian diet is one of them. A lot of people in order to lose weight all vegetarian, vegetarian does not eat the staple food, so what can eat vegetarian diet? In fact, in theory, can indeed be a vegetarian diet: as compared to those of poultry meat, vegetable dish less animal and plant oil, a lot of water, long-term consumption of these low energy foods, will lose weight a lot. But there are also some places to pay attention to, look at it, then a vegetarian diet in the use of the process of what errors? Be careful not to eat the wrong. A misunderstanding: that all the vegetables as well as for strict vegetarians, vegetable nutritional significance is more important, not only need to take vitamin C and carotene burden, but also in iron, calcium, folic acid, vitamin B2 and other aspects contribute, so you should try to choose a variety of vegetables rich in these nutrients, green leafy vegetables is one of the best, such as Gai Lan, green cauliflower, amaranth, spinach, rape, chrysanthemum etc.. In order to increase the supply of protein, vegetables and mushrooms fresh beans vegetables are a good choice, such as all kinds of mushrooms, beans, fresh peas, etc.. If you only love cucumber, tomato, white gourd, bitter gourd and so few so-called "slimming vegetables", it is difficult to get enough nutrition. Misunderstanding two: "oil" good many vegetarians thought than animal oil, as long as it does not contain animal food raw materials, is a high nutritional value of food. In fact, many processed foods are made from plant material, but most of them use fine rice and flour production, removal of the dietary fiber, and add a lot of oil, sugar or salt, health is not a substitute for fresh and natural food. For the people of the vegetarian and favor plant food, some products even using the "cream" as propaganda selling point, and the effects of lipids, this kind of "vegetable oil" is worse than animal oil. Multiple studies have shown that these products contain "hydrogenated vegetable oil" ingredients will introduce trans fatty acids, and it will greatly increase people’s risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes, may also harm the brain health. Misunderstanding three: Vegetarian must to cold food. Some vegetarians have only eaten vegetables that health value, and rarely eat cooked dishes, keen on salad and salad. In fact, a lot of nutrients in vegetables need to add oil to absorb well, after heating the integrity of cell wall damage, absorption rate increased significantly. For example, vitamin K, carotene, lycopene are more easily absorbed nutrients after cooking. Vitamin K is essential for bone health, carotene is the precursor of vitamin A, and lycopene is an important health component of antioxidant and cancer prevention. Also note that fat salad dressing up to 60%, it was cold, do not put oil cooking heat lower than. Misunderstanding four: no control oil and Sugar Salt cooking in the number of oil and refined sugar are plant sources, so they will be in the hall of the emperor and the vegetarian diet appeared. By.相关的主题文章: