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A car Geely Dorsett GL officially listed price of 7.88~11.38 million yuan in Beijing-zghd

Posted on April 20, 2018 by hanson

Geely imperial GL A-class car officially listed price of 7.88~11.38 million yuan – Beijing, Beijing, September 21, 20 days, a new high quality intermediate car "Geely imperial GL listing conference held in Hangzhou International Expo center. As Geely Automobile fine car 3 times "and a strategic model, imperial GL reinforcing the imperial Legion lineup, enter the A-class car in the high-end market. New cars, including 1.8L and 1.3T two kinds of displacement of 7 models, priced at 7.88~11.38 million. Geely Automobile Group CEO, CEO An Conghui said: "after the imperial GL is brilliant, Bo more, Geely imperial GS, adhering to" strong self "spirit, beyond the self, the challenge of a masterpiece of joint venture. Imperial GL mission is to subvert the traditional consumer awareness of domestic A-class car, that Chinese brand in the most competitive market segments can also come up with the good work. I believe the imperial GL can bring high quality enjoyment at the same time to millions of users, so that we feel the Geely Automobile into the world arena confidence and determination." Geely Geely imperial GL was born in the new FE platform, as a "high quality intermediate car, designed for walking in the forefront of the times" dare to create elite young consumer groups. This car is Geely global resource integration and positive development, the world’s leading manufacturing technology and quality standards, and world-class suppliers supporting system painstaking build ingenuity of the. Geely imperial GL design using the integration of international fashion trends and strong wind China "elegant aesthetic Mimicry" design concept, using suspension type front grille, fastback lines and short tail shape, the overall temperament of fashion, dynamic; interior main light luxury, exquisite, exquisite workmanship and materials to enhance the texture details, at the same time into fret and arch bridge design elements Chinese. Imperial GL with 2700mm long wheelbase, 4725mm long and 1802mm wide body car; with deep level mute technology and "the concept of ecological purification tank", to create a healthy and comfortable driving space; intelligent technology configuration rich humanized intelligent internet entertainment system, giving the imperial GL enjoy leapfrog technology; based on "security identification zone" concept to create a full range of security system, let the safety performance of imperial GL reached the world top level; in addition, the "China heart ten 1.3T turbo engine with Getrag composed of 6DCT gold combination of power, will provide comfortable and pleasant driving experience. It is worth mentioning that, in China automotive technology and Research Center in August this year at the beginning of the "global initial public car to car collision test, imperial GL with safety excellence made positive impact 17.92 points (out of 18), side impact 18 points (out of 18) of outstanding achievement.   Geely Holding Group Chairman Li Shufu said at the press conference, Geely chairman Li Shufu reviewed the Geely Automobile Business for thirty years through the extraordinary journey, the prospect of Geely’s vision for the future development, reaffirmed the "let Geely throughout the world" dream cars, as well as a step beyond the self to """相关的主题文章: