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8 women make men unable to resist sustain the blows-jslottery

Posted on April 20, 2018 by hanson

8 women make men lead: men and women unable to resist sustain the blows, the other half has more or less, so what kind of lover makes them feel tempted? 8 women make men 1 pure girl type is unable to resist sustain the blows the young woman’s capital, beautiful, fresh and natural, the flavor of the sun with a smile, in the world, the man under too much pressure and responsibility, they need a simple expression, a warm smile to warm them, she is like a girl next door walking slowly, and with a friendly, this girl is certainly the men dream lover. 2 elegant type of their body exudes the noble princess, behavior in his elegant, temperament extraordinary expression is always so calm, as if this woman is used to compare the minds of the sacred image of the goddess, that men only dare to look up to see the recent stay, so it was prohibitive, they seem to be only in the dream and desire to miss. The 3 type of intellectual people who experienced long days of lonely journey all know, again beautiful woman was not long. So, only the beautiful appearance is not deep with pleasure. So, mature men will enjoy more intellectual prodigy, therefore those with good-looking and rich in the temperament of the talented woman is more fascinating than the pure beauty, they are even more obsessed. 4 golden stars each man wants his lover enough glamorous, with angel face, the devil figure, sweet voice, perhaps only those in numerous living beings was surrounded by people looking at the actress has such a dazzling aura, so often in a man’s heart corresponds to a female star as their ideal dream lover. The 5 type of sultry, she may occasionally on the road or the car may be met in the office next door is charming, sexy, though a man wants his wife to a lady, but they have a desire, hope their lovers on the bed of their own show passion lead a fast side, so it was spurned by the ladies "Fox" always stole their souls inadvertently. The 6 type screen those naive infatuation infatuated man to sacrifice their lives to empty your wallet, and this image is very great, very rare, so they will want to own this life will meet such a woman, she will put his men as the only and all life, just pay without any return. Never abandon, no regrets, she really silly white sweet". They have the names of the 7 successful type list, a shadow of their success on the forum, men often say they are "superwoman", like a derogatory sense, as if they’re always less a woman, but the times are different, not only when they have enviable success and have a beauty, to make a lot of men at her feet. 8 mysterious fantasy type has a profound and magical eyes can penetrate your soul, but you always cannot read her world, because she was neither friendly nor aloof, keep distance with people, indifferent and pay attention to their own privacy, perfect angel face when you can’t.相关的主题文章: