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Posted on June 4, 2018 by hanson

The adoption of the Mudanjiang University police lost five hours to find the night to find life in September 29th reported recently, Hailin forestry area of a television city, a college student into the mountains were collected when lost, the police and the local forestry department dispatched more than 70 people, after more than 5 hours will find the students, distance of about 3 kilometers from the first. 19, 19 PM, Hailin Forestry Area Public Security Bureau police station received the alarm to cross the road of Mudanjiang Normal College teachers for help, the hospital a student surnamed Cheng, 20 years old, on the day of the cross Daoshanmou movie collection of biological specimens is lost. 10 minutes later, the police rushed to the scene, to understand that the day of Mudanjiang Normal College students led by the teacher, into the mountains to collect specimens. 17 Xu, the teacher received a phone call students Cheng, said he lost in the mountains, no food and water on the body, and the phone will be out of power. When the words have not finished, Cheng’s mobile phone signal will be broken, and then dial is shutdown state. Cheng’s classmates and teachers were looking for trouble in the nearby mountain area, and then asked the police for help. Police understand the situation, contact the police station headquarters and cross the forest management staff immediately, requests for support, the organization of more than 70 people search and rescue teams, 35 people into a group, according to the foot of a mountain, mountain, mountain area and different range, the side with the flashlight light emission signal, side with a megaphone shouting into the mountains in search of. More than 5 hours of search and rescue process, Cheng’s name from time to time echoed in the valley, a lot of players’ hands and feet by branches and stones bruised bleeding. Second days of midnight, a team of rescuers finally found a way to cross the road in the forest 44 compartment in the woods, the process of a wet clothes, are shivering body, severe dehydration. Cheng, a police who came to rescue the police, after the police appease him, take them back to the police station to rest. According to the police involved in the rescue, Du Yuanhai, in the rescue process, the process of a search team has repeatedly heard the sound of the cry, but because there is no effort to cry out, who did not bring to signal the tools, he can only desperately to have a flashlight lights run. But when he ran, the search and rescue team has turned to other places, coupled with unfamiliar road conditions, he went farther and farther away. Finally, the police found a position, distance to 3 kilometers from the first. 23, the leadership of the Mudanjiang Normal College and a father came to the police station sent to cross the road on both sides of the banner, expressing their police forces to rescue a gratitude. Outdoor survival reminder 1. Ready to enter the mountain necessary items, such as high brightness flashlight or remote laser transmitter stick, food, according to the distribution of water per capita, medical supplies first aid dressing. 2. Try not to break away from collective action alone or beyond scope. 3. Mobile phone charging treasure and other items to carry. 4. Once you get lost, don’t go around, try to describe your position, save your strength and wait for rescue. 5. Can transfer their location information through the fire collecting and whooping, light signal etc..

牡丹江大学生采标本迷路 警民夜寻五小时找到   生活报9月29日讯 近日,大海林林业地区某影视城内,一名大学生进山采集标本时走失,民警和当地林业部门出动70余人,经过5个多小时将学生找到,此时其距离最初走散地约3公里。   19日19时许,海林林业地区公安局横道派出所接到牡丹江师范学院教师报警求助,该院一名程姓学生,20岁,当天在横道山某影视城采集生物标本 时走失。10分钟后,民警赶到现场,了解到当天牡丹江师范学院的学生由教师带领,进山采集标本。17时许,老师接到学生程某的电话,称自己在山里走失,身 上没带食物和水,而且手机就要没电了。当时话还没说完,程某的手机信号就断掉,再拨打就是关机状态。程某的同学和老师在附近山域寻找未果,随后向民警求 助。   民警了解到情况后,立即联系派出所总部及横道林场管理人员,请求派人支援,共组织70余人的搜救队,三五人分成一组,按照山脚、山腰、山头等不 同区域和方位,一边用手电发射光照信号,一边用扩音器大喊着进山搜寻。持续5个多小时的搜救过程中,程某的名字不时地回荡在山谷中,很多队员的手和脚被树 枝和石头碰伤流血。第二天零时许,一队搜救人员终于在横道林场44林班的树林中找到程某,此时程某衣服湿透,正在瑟瑟发抖,身体严重脱水。程某一把抱住前 来救援的民警,民警安抚他后,将其带回派出所休息。   据参与救援的民警杜元海介绍,在搜救的过程中,程某曾多次听到搜寻队呼喊的声音,但因为没有力气喊不出声,身上又没带可做信号提示的工具,他只 能拼命向有手电灯光的地方跑。但等他跑到了,搜救队却已经转向其他位置,加之不熟路况,他反倒越走越远。最后民警发现程某的位置,距离最初走散地3公里左 右。   23日,牡丹江师范学院领导和程某的父亲来到横道派出所送来两面锦旗,表达他们对警民联手解救程某的感激之情。   野外求生提醒   1。准备好进山的必要物品,如高亮度手电或远程激光发射棒,食物,按人均分配的水,急救包扎的医疗用品。   2。尽量不要脱离集体单独行动,或者超范围活动。   3。手机充电宝等物品要随身携带。   4。一旦走失,不要到处乱走,尽量描述自己的位置后,保存体力等待救援。   5。可通过笼火、呼喊、光信号等方式传递自己的位置信息。相关的主题文章: