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Yang Xiaoyang 30 years the first exhibition special drawing the Silk Road story-捷安特xtc750

Posted on April 20, 2018 by hanson

The first 30 years of Yang Xiaoyang show the story of Yang Xiaoyang painted silk road thematic exhibition poster in October 17th, "the Silk Road — from realism to Impressionism Yang Xiaoyang art exhibition press conference held at the National Academy of Chinese. President of the National Academy of China Yang Xiaoyang, executive vice president Lu Yushun, vice president, Zhang Xiaoling Zhang Jiangzhou, assistant dean Wu Yina, Ji Lian bin, Wang Ping, Cai Min, He Jialin, Qiao Yinan, Wang Fumin, Lin Rongsheng, Chen Fengxin, Chen Peng, Dong Lei attended the conference, on the Silk Road — from realism to Impressionism Yang Xiaoyang Art Exhibition "the preparation, to display matters, including CCTV, China News Agency, xinhuanet.com," people’s Daily "," Guangming Daily "" China art newspaper ", more than 50 news units made a specific announcement. The conference was presided over by Zhang Jiangzhou, he said: "this exhibition is not only the theme and the Silk Road, the spirit of the meeting the performance is more prominent, works across 30 years, not the government put forward the" The Belt and Road ‘strategy before the occasion of creation, it contains 30 years of accumulation." This press conference, for Lu Yushun said: "Yang Xiaoyang is a leader in the field of art, art practice has made great achievements in the artist, but also the construction of art theory research, since the reform and opening up the development of art education and art, can be said that Yang Xiaoyang has a close relationship with such a unique exhibition, influence in the field of art should be discussed in greater level, I hope the media can give more in-depth attention." Zhang Xiaoling exhibition seminar and relevant academic significance for the statement, he admitted that Yang Xiaoyang’s solo exhibition seminar is actually very difficult to do, because Yang Xiaoyang is a "generalist", there are a lot of things can be done, but in order to do simple, only in the afternoon half day time to discuss. The theme of the seminar is still in the design, will be around, freehand brushwork, silk road, intellectual artists 3 keywords. Ji Lianbin introduced the relevant circumstances of the exhibition, the exhibition organized by the China Artists Association, Chinese National Academy of painting, China Art Museum, China company research department, National Academy of art exchange center, art information center and the Beijing wind and cultural development limited company to undertake, from October 27th to November 6th in Chinese Museum of art, October 29th morning 10 a.m. to 18 p.m. in the museum exhibition held the opening ceremony and academic seminar. Although for the first time in many years, large-scale exhibition, but Yang Xiaoyang said it was his thematic exhibition rather than retrospective. The exhibition is divided into 4 units, will display its 30 years on the Silk Road Theme of the 350 works, including sketch 260, theme creation 20 pieces, 30 pieces of ink painting, 40 pieces of works of multi angle interpretation of the cultural significance of the Silk Road, to show the spirit of exploration, he is serious seriously, solid comprehensive martial art. Several changes in Yang Xiaoyang’s artistic creation experience, through the exhibition will be the best reflection. It is worth mentioning that 31 meters "the ink scroll in 2016 the creation of fire" will also be unveiled at the exhibition site. Chinese Artists Association chairman Liu Dawei said, in the country "The Belt and Road" strategic background, prospective exhibition show will give us enlightenment.相关的主题文章: