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Yichang push the first local regulations to protect the green city currently has a total of 34-霍金hawking

Posted on April 20, 2018 by hanson

Yichang’s first local regulations for the protection of green city is currently a total of 34 in September 28th, the five session of the thirty-fifth meeting of the Standing Committee passed the "Yichang city key Green Protection Ordinance", which marks the Yichang city the first substantive local regulations of birth. In accordance with the provisions of the Ordinance, shall be submitted to the approval of the provincial people’s Congress promulgated after examination. Yichang city has always attached great importance to ecological protection work, it is understood that, as early as September 20, 2000, the two session of the twenty-sixth meeting of the Standing Committee made the "Yichang Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee on the protection of urban public green space", also set up the first batch of Yichang, the implementation of the permanent protection of urban public green space directory, Yichang became the first in the country a decision by the Standing Committee in the form of special protection in urban green space of city. After that, the city of three, the four, the Standing Committee of the Yichang Municipal People’s Congress were identified in the second batch, the third batch and the implementation of the fourth batch of permanent protection of urban public green space directory. So far, a total of four batches of a total of Yichang City, a total of 9 million 448 thousand and 500 square meters of green space was identified as permanent green, and another 8 mountains and waters in accordance with the planning of the permanent protection of the 2, Yichang green rate of up to 43.5%. "Yichang city key Green Protection Ordinance" altogether 21, the regulations make clear the definition of a permanent green space and scope, provides a permanent green space program to establish and publish, clear the specific responsibilities and protection measures, government departments, relevant departments and management responsibilities, also stipulate the legal responsibility, implementation other matters related to time. "Regulations" around the protection of the green center of the design of a number of new systems, with a distinctive "Yichang fan children". The promulgation of the regulations, will play a leading role in promoting and regulating the protection of key city, green space protection, is conducive to better implement ecological protection development strategy, to ensure the Yichang green development road go more stable, more scientific and more distant. The implementation of the permanent protection related links Yichang city public green directory Yiling square, Binjiang Park, children’s Park, South Lake Park, Wuyi Square, Royal River Park, Dongshan Park, three hole tour, Science Park, Wan Shouxiao Park, Gezhouba Dam Botanical Park of Gezhouba Dam, Sanjiang, Gezhouba Dam River silt embankment silt embankment, river small pagoda the garden, the left dam head square, Xiaoting District Park, Longgang Park, the ancient Bai Heyi Park, Ou Yangxiu Park, Riverside Park, Binjiang Park, Binjiang Park (upper) (lower section), Songhu Park, river park, Golden Park, Dongshan science and Technology Exhibition Park, canal ecological park, East Park, Baima Mountain Park, rain station park, Mill Hill Park, river park, the six scroll spring lake park, chicken Hill park. Sweep code big Chu Yichang, to understand the latest local information!相关的主题文章: