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Bill’s Christmas present – Sohu-乃々果花

Posted on April 18, 2018 by hanson

"Bill Christmas" – Sohu mother Christmas is coming, Bill and dad are stick grilles. Dad said: "Christmas love hide the gift in the closet, so he would not have on Christmas Eve from heaven to carry so many things down." "that’s good" Bill said happily: "now we go to see what" Dad said: "only the Christmas night you can’t go to the cupboard in the gift, otherwise there is no mystery, promise me?" Bill listened to this, had to promise dad! Although Bill heart is very curious, but my father would not let him peek, otherwise there is no mystery gift, the Birla rope put over from the door, footsteps at this time came from far away, "Santa Claus"? Bill quickly hid behind the curtains. But it wasn’t Santa Claus who came to Bill, but his father, who had a box in his hand. He looked around and opened the cupboard carefully. Bill said angrily, "you can’t do that."! We’re not allowed to peek." Dad comforted Bill and said, "I didn’t peek. The gift was for you." "That’s the way it was." Bill went back to his room. Bill was always busy. He took all the toys out of the box. My father was very curious, so I asked him why, Bill explained: "Santa Claus certainly need to store gift box, I hope Santa Claus gave Dad gifts hidden in the box." "I see," said dad. "You can’t look at the inside, or there’s no mystery." "No problem, I promise I won’t peek." Dad patted his chest. That night, Bill peeked at the box for the first time, but the box was empty. On the second day, the box was empty. Empty! Empty! Still empty! Bill thought: "there must be something wrong, maybe Santa Claus do not know what to give gifts, dad has not written down their wishes. I have to help Santa Claus and give some advice to Santa claus." While shopping, Bill told Santa that he could give the presents to his father. "Oh, Merry Christmas," continued Bill, in a low voice. "Look at this. He must like it!" "What are you talking about?" Dad asked, puzzled. "I didn’t see Santa claus!" "I’m just having fun," Bill replied, "because Santa is coming!" Just go home, Bill immediately got into his room, because he wanted to see Santa to give my father what gift, he hopes to open the box, but what is not found inside, it is not so bad dad Santa Claus did not give him a gift? Bill wouldn’t want that to happen. "Can I also send Christmas presents?" Bill asked. "It is of course," the father answered: "anyone can send Christmas gifts for their love of the people," so Bill with crayons for Dad drew a bicycle, a sailboat, a相关的主题文章: