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IPhone dual camera or in 2018 as the default configuration – Sohu Technology-twoo是什么网站

Posted on April 18, 2018 by hanson

IPhone dual camera or the default configuration in 2018 – Sohu technology Texun November 19th news: an analyst report recently pointed out that the dual camera technology most models will be equipped with iPhone optical image stabilization feature in 2017, and in 2018, 80% in the iPhone product line of products will be equipped with 7 Plus iPhone and similar lens. KGI released a report that Apple will be in the fall 2017 version of the iPhone dual cameras are added optical image stabilization function. One of the factors that may hinder the realization of this technology is the need for a telephoto lens support for a larger, more likely to require a re design to accommodate the telephoto lens image stabilization system. In this report, KGI once again stated its expectations for the 2017 edition of iPhone. KGI believes Apple will launch three iPhone next year, of which the will be equipped with a TFT – LCD screen, the size of 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches. Another will be the use of the OLED screen iPhone, but KGI said the size of the message is not accurate. But they are most likely to guess is a 5.5 inch OLED screen iPhone, equipped with dual cameras and optical image stabilization function. If KGI’s prediction is correct, then it believes that the proportion of dual camera iPhone users will rise from 10% in 2016 to the end of 15% to the end of 40% to 50% by the end of 2017. By the end of 2018, this ratio will rise to 80% to 85%. In addition, KGI forecast Taiwan Largan company will be the sole supplier of iPhone camera. The increase in the number of dual camera users also bring profits to other camera parts suppliers, such as SONY, LG, SHARP. We can see that Apple has laid a solid foundation for the development of iPhone camera. Apple said the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in the application of the 6 component lens system is a high-speed, high pixel system. It is faster than the previous generation of iPhone camera system 60%, energy saving of 30%. The addition of a telephoto lens iPhone 7 Plus, the optical zoom ratio reached 10 times the mobile phone. This telephoto lens aperture is smaller than the wide-angle lens, f 2.8. At present this telephoto lens does not have optical image stabilization function. (source: NetEase Technology) (Editor: Dong Jingsheng)相关的主题文章: