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The Danish girl: film trans gender beautiful and brave – Sohu Addie? Reed Mann (Eddie Redmayne) and Tom Hooper (Tom? Hooper) together again, they create a success story, we will through "the Danish Girl" (The Danish Girl) see the courage, touching sincerity just like the characters in the story, we describe a process to the melancholy and worried. Through Addie? Reed Mann wonderful acting, like Lili · yierbo (Lili Elbe) in front of us to show her own biography, her beautiful,? Lido again for the movie added sincerely, and Tom Hoeber? More vigorous artificial color beauty, although the scene clearly presents a simple but the story of the feelings, more use of light to show the painter’s color, but the most distinctive feature is Lili · yierbo fearlessly to do their own. I remember the last time in the movie theater with "les miserables" (Les Misé rables) based on the Victor? Hugo (Victor Hugo) book of the same name, the film presents from "les miserables" concert version, I remember Tom Hooper? In order to highlight the actor’s face, use a lot of close-up finish every word, and live radio. Tom Hooper? Hope actors show the true emotions, so as not to record sound on the mouth, and has performed "les miserables" Addie? Reed Mann, he let us see the young actor to complete is a challenging role for most actors from again, he realized he was a girl moment, the story opens up our sensibility, try to pull us into the plot and characters. The actor played the role of the different roles the same clever, even, show charm will be different, according to the UTA Hagen? (Uta Hagen) actor in his book "the challenge" (A Challenge for the Actor) said: "in the actor in role play, not to allow yourself to perform imagination or observation to the people, but they are dressed as characters. "If Lili · yierbo by Leonardo di Caprio (Leonardo? DiCaprio) to do it, of course, will be different, but I can’t imagine him playing. If we take Addie? Reed Mann acting alone analysis that may require considerable space, and from performing techniques to explore his performance, and to briefly explain how good he played — we can see Reed Addie? The whole story of breadth and depth, Tom Hooper did not choose the wrong actor? He will be completely assured, film to Addie? Reed Mann, at the same time can smoothly guide Alicia · Wei Kandeh (Alicia Vikander) expressed his wife for the husband’s support, let us see to two outstanding actors how to accomplish this beautiful but brave story. Many plot expressed Lili · in the movie; AI P

丹麦女孩:影评──跨性别的凄美与勇敢-搜狐   艾迪?瑞德曼(Eddie Redmayne)与汤姆?霍伯(Tom Hooper)再度合作,他们又创造了一部相当成功的故事,我们将透过《丹麦女孩》(The Danish Girl)看见无比勇敢、动容的真诚,就像故事中的角色向我们叙述那一段惆怅、揪心的历程。透过艾迪?瑞德曼精彩的演技,好似莉莉·艾尔伯(Lili Elbe)在我们眼前显现了她本身的传记,她的凄美、?丽都再再地为电影添加了诚挚,而汤姆?霍伯更浑厚地挥洒配色的美感,场景虽简约却清楚地呈现了故事的情怀,更利用光影展现画家的色彩,然而最鲜明的特点则是莉莉·艾尔伯无畏地做自己。   我还记得上一次在戏院热泪盈眶的电影为《悲惨世界》(Les Misérables)改编于维克多?雨果(Victor Hugo)的同名著作,电影的呈现来自《悲惨世界》的演唱会版本,我记得汤姆?霍伯为了突显演员的表情,大量使用特写完成每一句台词,并且要求现场演唱收音。   汤姆?霍伯希望演员展现真实的情绪,因此不以录好音后对嘴,曾演出《悲惨世界》的艾迪?瑞德曼,他再次让我们看到年轻的影帝如何完成对于多数演员而言是一项挑战的角色,从他意识到自己是女生的那一刻开始,故事打开了我们的感性,试着将我们拉进情节与角色里。   演员扮演的角色各有巧妙不同,就算就角色相同,演出来的韵味也会不同,根据乌塔?哈根(Uta Hagen)在自己的著作『演员的挑战』(A Challenge for the Actor)里提到:『演员在扮演角色时,不是让自己去演出想象或观察到的人物,而是自己正在装扮人物。』   如果莉莉·艾尔伯改由李奥纳多?迪卡皮欧(Leonardo DiCaprio)来演的话,当然会截然不同,只是我无法想象他反串的演出。若我们将艾迪?瑞德曼演技单独分析,那可能需要相当长的篇幅,并从表演的技法来探讨他的表演,而要概略地解释他演得多好则──我们能以艾迪?瑞德曼看见整部故事广度与深度,汤姆?霍伯没有选错演员,他完全放心的将电影交给艾迪?瑞德曼,同时能顺畅地引导艾莉西亚·薇坎德(Alicia Vikander)表达妻对于夫的支持,也让我们见识到两位杰出地演员如何完成这则凄美却勇敢的故事。   电影中有许多桥段表达了对莉莉·艾尔伯致敬的意味,例如:刚开始的几个画面,都是莉莉·艾尔伯画作中的题材,而汤姆?霍伯将其放进电影的开端,画面中光影的动态就他的二度创作。以及使用了《悲惨世界》的特写镜头来描绘角色的心境,他致力于表达《丹麦女孩》中的莉莉·艾尔伯,不论光影还是特写镜头都再再地显示汤姆?霍伯的成功。   本文章为创用授权,转载请注明本站出处。   文 Screenwriterleo 编剧人生│ 图 UIP相关的主题文章: