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Xie Xingfang signature I love the wrong meaning with who can only choose silence – Entertainment Soh cad2012序列号和密钥

Posted on November 19, 2017 by hanson

Xie Xingfang signature: I love the wrong meaning with who can only choose silence – Entertainment Sohu Xie Xingfang micro-blog before micro-blog signature screenshot Xie Xingfang forgive Lin Dan Sohu entertainment news November 16th Lin Dan was derailed, Lin Dan then responded to admit derailed: as a man I don’t do for yourself more excuse but I hurt my behavior my family here to my family, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Micro-blog acknowledges and apologizes to family. A day later, Xie Xingfang is doing the month update micro-blog, chose to forgive. Xie Xingfang wrote: "our one family will support the courage to play, it will change the man, thanks to friends and fans of one family care, we stand together through storm and stress!" Coincidentally, Lin Dan and micro-blog released the same time for 14:18 minutes, but only 17 is released by the, and is released on the 18 day of the release of the Lin Dan. It is worth mentioning that, in the absence of certification of micro-blog’s Xie Xingfang, the introduction is to write this: wrong in knowing is wrong, how to choose happiness, I love the wrong I can only choose silence". This is Stefanie Sun’s "gone with the wind" part of the song lyrics. Later, after the certification, this sentence has become a former badminton national team athlete Xie Xingfang".   相关的主题文章: