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The northeast sky show broadcast anchor occupy Yan value multi – media – chat high-energy tal 高达08ms小队

Posted on November 19, 2017 by hanson

The northeast sky show broadcast anchor occupy   Yan value multi – media – chat high-energy talent people.com.cn original title: Northeast anchor how on the red? In the performance of the language has a unique advantage; the girl’s own conditions are good, tall, white skin; enter the time earlier, in the industry has a certain reputation and influence…… In many factors, in the hottest show class broadcast platform, "the most popular anchor in the Northeast accounted for nearly half of the position at least. In today’s most popular mobile broadcast platform, the Northeast occupies a very important position. According to statistics, currently live in the entertainment show, the anchor occupies nearly half of the position of the platform in the "most popular anchor", especially the number of male anchor in entertainment show, almost all from the northeast. They live on the content of more than chat, jokes, singing, dancing, etc., concentrated in the pan entertainment broadcast, and in the field, such as the game is not much. The phenomenon of northeast people occupy half of the sky "XX live show welcome friends, thank you XXX a gift", a popular platform to enter the 9158 live broadcast, I heard a chat speaking northeastern accent and female anchor in the people in the room. Now, for each audience to express gratitude to enter the room is already show anchor habits; once the audience presented great value gift, anchor and even the suspension of singing performance, thanks to its direct expression. You can tell from your accent that this is a girl from the northeast. Beijing Youth Daily reporter in Pepper live, live, live, a street street 9158, room 6, KK broadcasting found a number of amateur show platform statistics, on the platform of "the most popular anchor", the Northeast accounted for nearly half, or even more than half of the position. Interestingly, a popular show anchor class broadcast platform for more than 80% of all women, and the remaining less than 20% of the male anchor, almost all from the northeast. At the same time, mainly in the game broadcast platform, Betta, dragon ball, the banner of tiger, northeast anchor is rare in the game in the anchor. It can be said that the Northeast accounted for half of the country the domestic class show anchor anchor. Following a full-time anchor too high income BYD reporter randomly with several northeast anchor chat found in the northeast, a full-time anchor in the minority, they generally focus on a fixed broadcast platform, through the gift can be earning thousands of dollars, or even over a million. A northeast female anchor 6 rooms show that before they do sales under the line, because the work time is free, while trying to do the anchor. "I like acting, I like to chat, I feel like a star". She said, then the business is not very good, completely give up the job, full-time live broadcast. Because of their beautiful, chat, singing is also good, often receive gifts and red envelopes in the live broadcast platform, found that do not make fun of anchor". Currently, the anchor has more than 2 fans, live 8 hours a day, each time the number of online fans about 2000 people, she said, his monthly income of about $seven thousand or eight thousand. She said "in the ordinary wage earning three thousand dollars, which in the Northeast has a high income". In addition, she and her fans to build a相关的主题文章: