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Leverage on the property market rising prices soaring corporate bonds 爱多vcd

Posted on November 19, 2017 by hanson

Leverage on the property market: rising prices soaring corporate bonds, love is valuable, the house price higher. Want to buy a set, marriage can also throw!" Someone with a doggerel taunt recently in some city of divorce to queuing to buy two suites of wonders. Behind this phenomenon, it is in a second tier city breathtaking price hikes. Once upon a time, the industry also used the classic indicators such as the vacancy rate to determine the trend of China’s housing prices, but now use this pragmatic logic to do the analysis, may be out of order. Today, a second tier cities in the property market is hot, it is not just a simple and investment game, but more and more from the "supply" and "demand" at both ends of the financial lever to add the results of the game. From a variety of data show that this year, the family housing transaction leverage, mortgage repayment burden ratio, developers and corporate debt loans and debt ratio are at historic highs. And all this is also the achievement of today’s leveraged property market. "Madness is not explained, you can participate, but you must understand that you are gambling, not investing." Deputy director of the National School of Administration decision consulting Wang Xiaoguang told reporters bluntly: "now a second tier city housing prices are" irrational "rise, so-called" investment property "is a" knife "." Daunting prices reporters recently landed in Beijing Municipal Construction Committee official website, random check will soon enter the market several new projects. The first known language home estate intend price 109810 yuan per square meter to 129194 yuan square meters, Beijing Zhuzong Tang Chung Nga Court intend price 91657 yuan per square meter to 106877 yuan square meters, in the electric power construction in long Yuet Changan Jiayuan intends to price 63977 yuan to 89777 yuan per square meter square meters…… They are about 20 km away from downtown Beijing. "Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, such a high price, I do not understand some of the." Sunshine 100 group executive vice president Fan Xiaochong Zhengbao reporter admitted. As a developer, he suggested that "calm". Once in Beijing, more than 100 thousand yuan per square meter of the house or the school district room privilege, and now Beijing new residential increasingly apparent. Moreover, these projects are more and more far away from the location of the center of Beijing, at 20 kilometers away. "Not only Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Hefei and other places have also increased significantly." Chen Sheng, President of the China real estate data research institute, told reporters on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, China’s property market has become a currency phenomenon". According to statistics, in August the country’s 100 cities in new residential average price rose for the first time in the past 16 months, compared with a rise of up to 13 months. High prices also led to "sell" to be up. The reporter met an old couple in Beijing Yizhuang Lincoln Park real estate interview, they sigh so much of a market, a few sets of second-hand housing sale to buy can only choose two weifang. "At present, the area can be sold and are willing to sell houses in particular." Real estate agency Zhang Song told reporters. Coincidentally, in the vicinity of Beijing, Financial Street Yuetan, home chain, intermediary shop clerk told reporters here, second-hand housing also rarely;相关的主题文章: