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Wowkie Zhang, I’ll do it. no one wants me to do it 工号9527为您服务�����

Posted on November 17, 2017 by hanson

"Sing" masked Wowkie Zhang: music didn’t let me do what I do –   entertainment Sohu; Sohu Wowkie Zhang entertainment news head with thirty plastic gloves, wearing a black and White Checkered pants, this is called "Eighteen Stages to Subdue a Dragon" singer appeared on the stage, the first opening seconds is guess jury recognized: "the world boutique" Wowkie Zhang undoubtedly. Broadcast on Sunday night, Jiangsu satellite TV will sing "masked guess", Wowkie Zhang’s guess jury ran from the stage to sing, he changed his exaggerated funny style, the embodiment of love song prince, soulful singing love songs show their tear, on the other side. Na Ying moved to call it a "pure musician"". He also instantly subvert in the public mind consistent "scripts" image, not ban users sigh: Wowkie Zhang had such a perceptual side. Wowkie Zhang boasted that "relax before the three" masked "go affectionate route will sing" recorded in the middle of the masked Wowkie Zhang, the first chair in the assessment group can be described as "guess on the hand piece", humorous style often make the climax scene. In the sixth phase of the program, Wowkie Zhang unexpectedly from "guess the jury" turned gorgeous "masked to sing" soulful singing songs "tear every day like you", the scene is more amazing applause, Na Ying conceal his excitement, "in fact, his singing, his diction, his mouth can not be changed, Wowkie Zhang have a childlike voice inside." For the first time to sing sing their own identity, Wowkie Zhang sang "close eyes touched, seriously heard his own voice, this is a very rare feeling in my life." Anyway, the out of the ordinary "exotic" masks appear, all people would guess and jury with smile: Yes, this is Wowkie Zhang. After that, indeed, the mask of "hand" element is Wowkie Zhang to open his own brain hole ":" I am in the career of every show, that the first sentence is "hope to see everyone’s hand up ‘, so I think the hand appeared numerous warm moment in my whole life life." As the variety on the stage of "an old traveller", Wowkie Zhang admitted to sing not nervous, "more closed, more into the situation, there is a kind of self field feeling, never before." After stepping down, Wowkie Zhang increasingly relaxed, I’m in the ‘relax’ ranked three in front of the artist, I am not nervous. Some of the old gun in doing those things that haven’t been done especially afraid, I seldom have the heart not the end, what I did, my mother and I don’t mind." Is really worthy of great teacher will not give the answer! "The hand piece" to reveal the true temperament "masked" version of "awaken perceptual teacher" lift Wowkie Zhang, a lot of people will give him labeled "scripts" label, and chat with him, just like listening to a dialogue. Because zuipin can make, the more he frequently appeared in the reality show and talk show on the stage, all of his scripts and parody widely circulated on the Internet, but don’t forget that he was a singer. Fifteen at the age of six, Wowkie Zhang was called the "genius rock youth", later group punk band, sang a "Shua Shua", "Bel cool". Than those who earn in songs"相关的主题文章: