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Great power craftsman Chen Huansheng carving the amber works of life matlab 等高线�

Posted on November 16, 2017 by hanson

"Great power craftsman" Chen Huansheng: carving the amber works of life – in an interview with the media in the new network, Chen Huansheng. Shangguan photo Beijing, Fushun, September 28, (Shangguan) powder debris flying knife, on the fly in all directions…… Chen Huansheng was a step by step carved lines and exquisite in amber on conformation. It is not known how many pieces of amber he carved. Chen Huansheng is a national intangible cultural heritage inheritors representative amber carving, jade carving Chinese young artist, is also the Fushun city cultural development and protection center of amber carving craft, chief designer. Chen Huansheng’s Amber carving. Shangguan photo hobby: Naxie awl carved chalk "exquisite pagoda" in 1980, Chen Huansheng was born in Jinzhou Yixian rural. My father was a carpenter. He grew up in the countryside. At that time, parents hope he can read more books, but Chen Huansheng was not cold, but especially love painting, carving gadgets. "It will be no material, no tools, the old lady Naxie awl is the best tool." Chen Huansheng awl tip polished, a chalk is? A carved exquisite pagoda, or "dragon sword". Gradually, in the eyes of adults, Chen Huansheng became a "evil": children do not love learning, love to play with peers, every day "sculpture, when I was little to do various experiments, try to have burnt wire". "I’ve always loved carving. It is carved to the key point is around hundreds of people around, I can not see the soft: amber, requires very precise control efforts, with the doctor in vascular surgery." Now Chen Huansheng is out of a "skill", "the studio carved amber powder when flying, I can escape the eyes of consciousness". Chen Huansheng award certificate. Shangguan photo engraving: "craftsman" call the most suitable time to 1997, engraved on the circle has been a minor celebrity Chen Huansheng came to Shenyang to study, visit the local antique market love leisure time. Where he first saw the amber stone. Chen Huansheng with "love at first sight" to describe the feeling. Chen Huansheng is infatuated with amber carving, after making money to buy amber raw materials, "young working fast, do not know tired, every day is work, learning, peer entertainment and almost never". Impression, Chen Huansheng carved the smallest diameter of 10 millimeters of amber beads, these beads are mostly defective, you have to carve patterns and the like. Staring at the beads for too long, will become the eye". "The craft has to go on." Over the years, Chen Huansheng has been busy: busy technology inheritance, busy public welfare undertakings…… I seldom go home in a year, "if I am myself, how can I say. I have to have their own areas of apprentice, oral teaching that inspires true understanding within the booth thing, must be responsible? Have high jump". Although there are a variety of titles, but Chen Huansheng felt "craft" these three characters most suitable for their own, to carve this thing into occupation, is really very happy ". Chen Huansheng is working hard. Shangguan photo: Artisan spirit stick is)相关的主题文章: