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Changde Lixian man who lost his son to commit suicide by jumping around instantly (video) 步步高i606

Posted on November 16, 2017 by hanson

Changde Lixian man who lost his son to commit suicide by jumping moment was clinging to original title: Lixian man who lost his son to commit suicide by jumping moment being held October 8th news net ChangDe Railway Station on October 6th at 9:24 in the morning, Hunan city of Changde Province, Lixian public security fire brigade command center received 110 calls, Lixian Jinyu Hotel roof has a more than and 30 year old middle-aged men want to jump, the squadron immediately dispatched two fire engines, 14 officers rushed to the scene. The fire scene, suicidal man was sitting in the 9 floor roof billboards edge, feet dangling, melancholy. The fire brigade immediately deployed rescue measures: a group to the top floor with the police, the families of persuasion, and to choose the people; one group is responsible for laying rescue cushions in the downstairs, and to evacuate the crowd. The police, fire officers and men of the communication, because his son died in a traffic accident, causing him to spur of the moment, have jumped move. In their conversation, the man was very emotional, burst into tears several times. What is worse when the wind is relatively large, the ground rescue cushions laid several times by the wind shift position, on the roof of the situation more dangerous men commit suicide. At 10:35, the man uncle came to the scene with rescuers and talk, to see the man emotionally stable, fireman Ma Shaowei chouzhunshiji, quietly from the side close to the man, the man fell in a moment ago, cling to the waist, the other two firefighters a drag to safety. Currently, the fire department has been handed over to the public security organs. (sub station reporter Zheng Jianghui correspondent thunder wearing goods) [making] video recommendation: women want to commit suicide because of family conflicts to climb the roof of thrilling rescue scene相关的主题文章: