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Old mother suffering from cerebral palsy son to him, do not grow old – Liaoning Channel – People’s n 法拉利599gto

Posted on November 16, 2017 by hanson

The elderly mother Kushou cerebral palsy son: for him, afraid to become old – Liaoning channel — people.com.cn original title: elderly mother Kushou cerebral palsy son: for him, did not dare to change the old original title: "to him, we do not grow old" – for long and hard road, but the mother and son still laugh about life. Tan Pu – exclusive two-dimensional code. The elderly mother Kushou seven month old son with cerebral palsy: – edition overall: Express reporter Pan Zhizhen – this version of the map: Express reporter Li Silu warm No. 999 "all advised we took the children away, but we could not find the heart." In the hall 8 floor 39 Guangzhou Brain Hospital, a simple bed, 37 year old Yang Jinying said, while tears. Her youngest son, Tan Guangpu, was only 1 years old, but suffered from severe cerebral palsy. Like other families of children with cerebral palsy, Yang Jinying more than anyone can hope, with the treatment of small general body eliminate in nightmare, to this end, she and her husband to accompany the child to set foot on the teeth, seeking the road. Old come son, a pair of children make up the "good" light general sitting quietly in her mother’s lap, only happy clear eyes, no sorrow. He is only one year old, I do not know what disease, but do not know their own suffering from severe cerebral palsy cannot rise, not sit, stand, even eating, swallowing is difficult. 5 months after diagnosis, is waiting for his parents and closely, in order to take care of the children, Yang Jinying and her husband have white head. In September 2015, small Pu was born, his arrival had great joy for the family. Yang Jinying and her husband Tan Jinxiong from new Pozhen Guandu village in Maoming of a farmhouse, the family is not rich, two couples per capita fixed, by doing odd jobs for a living. 10 years ago, they have a girl, but also hope that a boy, a good". However, the elderly suffering from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases in the home, every year to spend a lot of treatment costs, for a long time, Yang Jinying couple had to have two children desire buried in the bottom of my heart. With the increasingly stable situation of the elderly, the tension in the economic environment has eased slightly, the couple rekindled the birth of two children, the idea, although the age of nearly two years old people. In September last year, the risk of the 36 year old Yang Jinying braved the women into the delivery room, the production process and the emergence of dystocia, the fetus was hypoxia. Yang Jinying suffered hardships, finally born small guangpu. Waiting in the delivery room of the family know Tan added males, couldn’t help cheering. The word "good" has become, this should continue to be happy, however, in the process of raising small spectrum, Mrs Tan Jinxiong discovered that the child is hard to take. "The baby spent every day crying, sleep at night is not good." Yang Jinying said. Seven months old were difficult to restore the family initially thought the small spectrum is relatively fragile, until the child is 7 months old, Tan Jinxiong couple was alert, small Guangpu may have big problems, "there is little when the mood is good, also will not rise." When the hospital doctor will report to Yang Jinying, said "the cerebral palsy" tough disease, Yang Jinying instantly collapse, "I)相关的主题文章: