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Bees help girls Louis Liu charity experience making moon cake struggle Utopia Wen Yang Ruochen photography Sina entertainment news September 6th, bee girls help Louis Liu charity activities into the Shanghai Pudong special education school, and teenagers making moon cake together. The girls’ team has a live broadcast of interesting production sites. The members of the site are more guidance to the young students to learn dance moves, in the experience of the moon cake production process, Louis Liu and the girls are said to do moon cake is a fresh experience, but not an easy thing. While talking about Nicky Wu and Nicholas Tse two mentors on the team to help the growth of the bee girl team admitted that the two instructors to teach them a lot. The public welfare activities initiated by the Louis Liu special fund, held a series of music love smile series of activities, so as to music and other diverse arts, for children with disabilities to bring art baptism. By the Mid Autumn Festival, Louis Liu and the bee girls with children making cakes, moon cakes in trying to do it is not easy to call. The event is the first meeting of the bee girl team and Louis Liu, they said, at the beginning of his debut with Louis Liu to participate in public welfare, which will become an unforgettable memory. The scene of the bee girl team also brought their own song and dance performances, team members said that from an early age to sing and dance, they feel that the music is a kind of training in the heart, can bring confidence to the children. In the next Mid Autumn Festival, the bee girl team also has a new job arrangement, hoping to meet a lot of fans. They also admitted that there will be changes in the mentality after the debut, the performance of the past in order to play, and now enjoy the stage. This year the bee girl team in Chengdu and Shanghai and built a small theater, there will be regular performances, 7 members will meet with you on a lot. For the next second quarters of the selection of players in the form of a confidential team, more curious. The members also revealed that there are already many trainees in practice hard, ready to go. While talking about the two tutors and Nicky Wu Nicholas Tse for the help of the team members said, two instructors teach many mentors, asking everyone in the arena to artists face, Nicholas Tse helped the team songs, he warned members to show myself on the stage. (struggle Utopia Wen Yang Ruochen photography) (commissioning editor: Koyo)相关的主题文章: