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Posted on September 29, 2017 by hanson

Direct Response Copywriting For Dummies Posted By: Matt Ambrose If you want to earn a good salary as a freelance copywriter then it’s a smart strategy to improve your direct response copywriting skills. The simple reason is because direct response copywriters are the best paid. The success of their copywriting is measured exactly, unlike when writing a website, press release or brochure. Every response is counted and linked directly to a promotionr’s success. Becoming a direct response copywriting is possible as long as you are ready to dedicate yourself to studying the craft. First of all, read all the classics by the world’s finest copywriters. This includes books by David Ogilvy, Joe Sugarman, Eugene Schwartz and John Caples. The lessons they teach are as valid as they were decades or even 100 years ago. The next step to take is to collect samples of well-known direct response adverts and sales letters. There are many ways of finding these online with some quick searches in Google. You can also looking in Google images for PDFs of famous direct response adverts and sales letters. After making a swipe file, examine every sales letter and advert and write down the copywriting tactics used and why it was profitable.copywriting direct response copywriting freelance writing copywriting Long Copy Or Short Copy? Posted By: Jonathan McCulloch "I want an 8 page sales letter. Mustn’t have antthing too long!" Whenever I hear those words I’m filled with the urge to put the phone down and scream. I somehow prevent myself from doing this by thinking about an obvious truth: of course it mustn’t be too long. But how long is too long? Most business owners will tell you they think business-to-business letters should be "short and punchy", because "busy business people haven’t the time to read long letters". You might think this is true, based on your own preferences. But it’s wrong. And the statistics from over a century of testing proves it’s wrong. People WILL read long copy; it’s dull and uninspiring copy that turns them off. Despite what you personally think you prefer, the fact remains on balance, long copy almost always outsells short copy. And while it’s true that a busy executive won’t spend the time to read a long, uninspiring letter, she will make the time to read a long, well written and inspiring sales letter that promises her and her business good benefits. Looking at the problem in another way also shows us how ridiculous it is.direct response copywriting direct response marketing direct response sales letters direct response copywriting 相关的主题文章: