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4 Changyu Wine selected berlings tankard shuttle Beijing – Wine. cibi

Posted on November 16, 2017 by hanson

4 Changyu Wine selected "berlings shuttle Wine tankard Yearbook" Beijing September Beijing – in 9, by the French Bay shuttle Agency (Bettane+Desseauve) tankard wine produced the 2017 edition version of "Chinese Bay shuttle Wine tankard Yearbook", will be published. In the book China Wine including Ningxia Zhang Yu Mousel fifteen world 2015 vintage wine Chateau Mousel legend Zhang Yu of Ningxia, fifteen world 2013 year Mousel winery Mousel family red, Liaoning Zhang Yu gold ice Valley winery Icewine 2013 Vintage Black Diamond, Changyu Cavernet 2012 years Reserva wine red. More proud of is that in September 1st at the "berlings tankard Yearbook" annual award Beijing shuttle Wine awards ceremony, won the "Bei" annual Yearbook "shuttle Wine tankard China Wine award 5 wines, two glory belongs to Zhang Yu:" the annual China peach red Wine "awarded Zhang Yu Ningxia fifteen world Mousel the 2015 vintage wine Chateau Mousel legend," the annual China sweet white Wine "awarded the Liaoning Zhang Yu gold ice Valley winery Icewine Vintage 2013 black diamond ice. By the famous French wine critic Michel Beidan and cut in the Bay de shuttle shuttle tankard led wine agency, headquartered in Paris, currently has 14 occupation wine critic, is one of the institutions of the largest and most influential professional wine in the world, and its excellent professionalism and credibility and become Bordeaux International Wine Exhibition (Vinexpo) official master class cooperation agencies only. "Berlings shuttle Wine tankard Yearbook" was founded in 1995, was originally called "Beidan? Wine shuttle France Yearbook", with France and expand gradually beyond the scope of review for "Beidan shuttle Wine Yearbook"?. Bay shuttle wine every year tankard institutions according to the latest updated version tasting and study conclusion, both wine sommelier, and Wine enthusiasts essential tool, but also as a winemaker and owner of reference books, known as the "king of wine" said the famous American wine critic Robert Parke on his website recommended "berlings shuttle Wine Tankard Yearbook", called "the French Wine yearbook of the most trusted and every year will buy in my mind". Ningxia Changyu winery is one of the first fifteen world Mousel Helan Shandong Lu CRU, chief winemaker Ross Mousel from the European wine family, Lorenz Moser Hocherziehung pruning method of grape cultivation field, which is named after his grandfather. Ningxia Changyu Mousel fifteen century Chateau red and absolete Mousel red family have been exported to Britain and Germany, Holland and the United States and other countries, and entered the Royal Wine Merchant BBR, Queen Marie two cruises, Losangeles Beverly Hills restaurant Scarpetta and other high-end consumer sites. The 2015 Vintage Mousel legendary pink wine is Ningxia Changyu Mousel fifteen world winery produced the first wine, one of the 3 entry-level Wine winery is new (the other two Mousel legend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Riesling dry white). "Bei Wine Yearbook" of the Ningxia tankard shuttle Changyu Mousel fifteen 2015 year world winery wine tasting pen Mousel legend.相关的主题文章: